Recent funded research projects

Recent funded research projects

– Improving the efficiency of settling tanks of the water treatment plant of EYDAP S.A. in Acharnes using mathematical models. EYDAP S.A. (Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company), 2011-2013 (A. Stamou).

– Numerical and experimental investigation of brine discharge from desalination plants to coastal regions. Program “Heraklitus”, General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT), 2010-2013 (A. Stamou).

– Risk assessment of oil spill accidents in regional seas. GSRT Joint research and technology programme with Turkey- Bogazici University, 2010-2012 (A. Stamou).

– Computational research of the influence of vegetation on the flow during flood events. NTUA Basic Research Programme, 2009-2011 (A. Stamou).

– Experimental investigation of the development of a density current on a sloping bottom due to a negatively buoyant jet. NTUA Basic Research Program, 2009-2011 (G. Christodoulou)

– Hydraulic model study of the labyrinth spillway of Petrenia Dam. ECOS and OTME Consulting Co., 2010 (G. Christodoulou)

– Experimental study on a physical model of the morning-glory spillway of Melissoudi I dam, Corfu Island. Ministry of Environment, Planning & Public Works, 2008 (G. Christodoulou)

– Investigation of flow and settling conditions in the slag settling tank in LARCO’s Larymna metallurgical plant by means of mathematical modeling. LARCO S.A., 2007-2008. (A. Stamou)

– Wave – induced oxygen transfer in coastal structures through renewal pipes. NTUA Basic Research Program “Lefkippos”, 2006-08 (A. Stamou)

– Theoretical and experimental investigation of surface – groundwater interaction. NTUA Basic Research Program “Lefkippos”, 2006-08 (K. Nanou-Giannarou)

– Development of a density current due to impact of a negatively buoyant jet on a horizontal bottom. NTUA Basic Research Program “Lefkippos”, 2006-08 (G. Christodoulou)

– Integrated mathematical models of water systems. General Secretariat of Research and Technology, 2005-2008 (A. Stamou)

– Mathematical modeling of nitrates as a tool for the environmental management of groundwater systems. Joint research project with University of Cardiff (U.K.), General Secretariat of Research and Technology, 2006-2007. (K. Nanou-Giannarou)

– Study of circulation of cooling water of the power generating units of PPC in Aliveri bay. Public Power Co., 2006-2007 (A. Stamou)

– Determination of interactions between aquacultures and the marine environment by means of mathematical modeling. Joint research project with National Research Council, Instituto dell’ Ambiente Marino Costiero (Italy). General Secretariat of Research and Technology, 2005-2007 (A. Stamou)

– Physical and mathematical modeling study of three technical works of Diakonaris stream flood control project. Mechaniki S.A., 2006 (A. Stamou)